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About Us

Jewish Views (JV) is a digital media platform celebrating the commonality and diversity of Jewish communities around the globe. JV explores what connects us with one another, addresses the impact of the world around us, looks at how we impact the world and highlights Das Pintele Yid – The Jewish Spark – in each of us.

Committedly centrist, The Jewish View is a space for the exchange of ideas – a palette of colorful Jews and Jews of every color – and paints a vibrant picture of a varied people. Through thoughtful reporting and editorials, insightful interviews and considered analysis, JV seeks to help explain “being Jewish” in increasingly complex times.

Global, national and local – JV looks at events, people and history through myriad lenses: politics – American, Israeli and international – inter-group relations, community histories, individual accomplishments, original surveys, commentary on education, culture, diversity, art, film, photography, music, literature, sports, philanthropy, immigration, civil rights, food, fashion, technology, health, finance, housing, media and more.

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